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Experience competitive pricing and leverage tailored for ByExer commodity traders.

The commodity market deals with primary goods rather than services and is categorized into soft and hard commodities. Soft commodities are predominantly agricultural, while hard commodities are typically mined. Commodity trading relies heavily on factors like supply, demand, politics, sanctions, production levels, and even weather conditions.

To navigate commodity trading successfully, staying informed about news, weather patterns, and political developments is crucial. Various factors, such as OPEC meetings impacting oil prices or heavy rains affecting wheat prices, influence these versatile instruments. With a deep understanding of global economic dynamics, traders can benefit from favorable trading conditions, including commission-free transactions on ByExer.

Utilize low margins, as they are applied to commodities, ensuring highly competitive trading conditions across all commodity types.


Why trade commodities with ByExer

Access a wide range of CFDs covering over 20 spot and futures commodity markets, along with commodity stocks and ETFs, using a unified account.

Enjoy competitive trading conditions with spreads as low as 1.1 on Gold, providing favorable terms for commodity trading.

Experience uninterrupted trading with our CFDs on futures, as they are designed as continuous contracts, eliminating the need for position expiration and ensuring seamless rollovers.

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