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Select your preferred sector and engage in trading on the corresponding ByExer index.

An index assesses the value of a collection of stocks, typically categorized by region and segmented into various industries. For instance, Dow Jones represents industrial, Nasdaq signifies technology, and FTSE represents British companies.

If you possess expertise in a specific sector within a country, you can monitor the relevant index and participate in trading based on price fluctuations. For those specializing in technology companies, Nasdaq is suitable, while those interested in leading US companies may opt for S&P 500. Leverage your knowledge alongside the Traders Trends Bar and over 90 WebTrader editing tools to assess your index trades.


Why trade indices with ByExer

Explore opportunities in the stock markets of major global economies with ByExer.

Express your market outlook by going either long or short, aligning with your perspective on stock market movements.

Enjoy the advantage of low spreads starting at just 1 point, enhancing your trading experience with competitive pricing.

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