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We offer access to a diverse range of stocks on ByExerWebTrader

with up to 2000 options available. Stock CFDs closely track the performance of the respective company's shares in the stock market. Predict whether a company will attract investments or witness a decline in its share price. Capitalize on the rise or fall of major global companies.

Select from the most popular stocks across Asian, European, and US exchanges, allowing you to trade at any time when these markets are active. With leverage up to 1:10, you can engage in trading on trending stocks. Utilize our mobile app to stay informed about your preferred stocks, especially during periods of high volatility surrounding company earnings.

Our Dealing Desk provides notifications on corporate actions, including dividends, stock-splits, delistings, IPOs, and more, ensuring you are well-informed for strategic decisions.


Why trade stocks with ByExer

Commission-free trading coupled with top-tier tools*

Explore a vast selection of over 2,000 stocks seamlessly on our exclusive platform

Whether bullish or bearish, capitalize on market movements by going long or short with leverage

Experience the advantage of tight spreads and competitive overnight swaps for an unparalleled trading environment

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